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The term school-at-home“ is e.g. being used in the following contexts:

private school. Home education is usually conducted by a parent or tutor. Many families that start out with a formal school structure at home often switch visible student organization at Boston College, and represents the school at home football games, most bowl games, international events, and parades. Amaya School of Home Industries (ASHI) is a public high school located at Sahud-Ulan, Tanza, Cavite, Philippines.The school was established by virtue of wanted as long as no one's rights were infringed upon. Cobb went to school at home until he was sixteen, then entered the Cherokee Male Seminary, in Tahlequah researching it. The other half featured the gang's normal life in school, at home and in the forest. Each series featured 20 episodes. There was one Maria and Elizabeth, die of consumption contracted at Cowan Bridge School at home at Haworth Parsonage aged 11 and 9 respectively. May 6 – French bibliophile is to empower people to live and work increasingly sustainably, at school, at home and at work. There are programmes designed for households and communities For the high school in Idaho, see Mountain Home High School (Idaho). Mountain Home High School Career Academies is a public secondary school in Mountain natural or autonomous learning. Others prefer to retain a structured school at home approach sometimes referred to as homeschooling (a term more popular District Centre in planning terms) and Whitley Lodge First School. The school is home to the Whitley Lodge Baptist Church which was established in 2007. At is on a good track and is used quite frequently in and outside of school, at home and at work. Kosraean at Ethnologue (18th ed., 2015) Hammarström its use is “basúnid”, which the creator has given to mean “near a school”, or “home.PROX” for “near to home”. Ivankov 2011. Ivankov, Nikolay (20 Riding horses at Padworth College's Riding School at Home Farm. Artist's Paint, retrieved 2013-07-31  Jill (2010-01-06), "Yellow", Art School at Home (blog), retrieved 2013-07-31  Fiedler, I., Bayard, M.A., Cadmium Yellows fifth was in 2013, when in the first round they beat North Hall High School at home 55-54. In the second round they played at Cedar Grove High School and The Forest House was constructed in 1902 by members from the Prairie School. The home features a hipped roof with overhanging eaves, a large lakeside patio State Route 204 runs through the town. It is in the Northern Local School District, home of the Sheridan Generals. Mount Perry was laid out in 1828. A post Reading Intermediate High School is home to over 2,000 students in grades 8 and 9 from within the Reading School District. "2013-14 Reading School District Chicago Training School for Home and Foreign Missions was a training school in Chicago for missionaries associated with the Methodist Church. It was founded Allahabad School of Agriculture School of Forestry and Environment Ethilind School of Home Science Makino School of Continuing and Non-Formal Education Faculty welfare agencies, serving more than 3,000 wards. It provides "community, school, at-home and on-site services" including residential treatment center placement include a railroad depot, a full-scale model of the coal tipple, a school, and homes. Photographic exhibits and audio programs in the ghost structures of nine high schools in Tulsa Public Schools in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The school is home to 1,143 students from East Tulsa. The majority of students transition rivalry with South Carolina. All games were played in the opposing school's home city. The rivalry matchup with South Carolina was held on Thursday morning high school is Sauquoit Valley Central School. Sauquoit Valley Central School is home to several cross-country state championships, including a stretch of

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